Devoted to empowering others.

I am devoted to empowering others to be able to realize and find a peaceful end of life for themselves, their loved ones, and their patients through my work. My nursing, research, writing, and English as a second language program seek to make a peaceful end of life accessible for all.
I was raised in the Air Force and traveled around the US. As an adult, I continued my interest in travel and visited many countries to teach other professionals about my Silver Hour Model on care at the very end of life and beginning of death. I continue to enjoy meeting others who share my mission to improve end of life care.
I studied nursing at College of the Desert in Palm Desert and then the California State University Dominguez Hills. I then worked as a nurse from 1978 to 2000 before starting a PhD in Transformative Learning at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Since graduating with a PhD in Transformative Learning, I have been able to integrate my love of teaching with my devotion to caring for others at the end of their life. I also continue to provide direct care to others.I have published numerous articles during my career, primarily focused on improving patient care.
You can read any of my 60 plus publications to get to know me more here or see more at my Google Scholar Page or my ResearchGate Page.I have also helped publish articles, such as the following:Caring for Chinese-American Home Care Patients by Quelan He.
In addition to my research, I also created Rapid Medical English, this English as a second language program provides English language education for healthcare professionals to care for English-speaking patients.
In the last few years, I have transitioned my focus from patients and caregivers in the hospital and receiving home care to those who have not been served as well from the medical system. I have become a part of the Death Cafe movement and attend many meetings. They are free discussions about death and dying and I find them incredibly moving. These unstructured discussions fill an important gap in our existing care in preparing for death. People talk, they share and, in the end, have a chance to clarify their own ideas about death.
Finally, in 2024 I will be launching a Death Cafe that focuses on nomads: people who live in their vehicle (car, RV, trailer), choose this lifestyle, and are enjoying a rich and satisfying life. However, as this population gets older, there is a need to bring more people into the discussion about preparing yourself and others for death. You can learn more about nomads by reading the book and/or watching the movie Nomadland.
Wherever or not you are in the end of life world, I’d like to help you improve your teaching skills and enhance your care of people from different faith traditions, such as Tibetan Buddhism or Atheists. See more at my Google Scholar Page or my ResearchGate Page.
Iam available for phone calls or texts at 951-665-8519 or by Email: I live in Southern California but I can accommodate many time zones. If you would like to learn English through a specialized teaching approach that incorporates health and death related vocabulary please visit my English as a second language program, Rapid Medical English.